Wednesday links: creative quants

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Quote of the day

John Chisolm, “Modern quantitative investing is creative.”  (Institutional Investor)


Some common lies investors tell themselves.  (A Wealth of Common Sense)

On the return of trend following strategies.  (Meb Faber)

A summary of the stock picks from the 2014 Robin Hood Investors conference.  (Market Folly)

Why managers try to copycat their competitors.  (FT)


Dan Loeb wants to break up Amgen ($AMGN).  (Dealbook, WSJ, MoneyBeat)

On the Bill Ackman inspired turnaround at Canadian Pacific ($CP).  (Buzzfeed)

Skepticism reigns about Yahoo’s ($YHOO) strategy.  (NYTimes, Recode, Wired)


Review of the new iPad Air 2 are pouring in.  (Mossberg, Daring Fireball, Asymco, Pogue, WSJ, Engadget)

The Retina iMac makes desktop computers cool again.  (WSJ, TechCrunch, Engadget)

Apple’s ($AAPL) ecosystem is getting even more tightly connected with seamless integration.  (Farhad Manjoo)

One reason why Apple Pay should succeed.  (Pando Daily)


Spin-offs have not been the automatic boost some investors had hoped.  (WSJ)

Add Mohamed El-Erian-backed Payoff to the peer-to-peer lending game.  (FT)

Low down payment mortgages are coming back.  (Total Return)


The logic behind screening out small, risky stocks.  (Larry Swedroe)

A limited defense of nontransparent active ETFs.  (ETF update ibid)

On the (brighter) future of ETFs in Australia.  (FT)


How much of China’s success was due to IP theft?  (John Cassidy)


US economic momentum is intact.  (Quartz)

Is cheap gasoline good for the US?  (Fortune)

Wal-Mart ($WMT) is aggressively adding solar power.  (Slate)

Earlier on Abnormal Returns

What you might have missed in our Tuesday linkfest.  (Abnormal Returns)

Mixed media

Joe Weisenthal is going to Bloomberg Media to run their markets coverage.  (NYTimes, Business Insider, Bloomberg)

The new ValueShares US Quantitative Value ETF ($QVAL) is now live.  (ValueShares, BusinessWire)

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