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Abnormal Returns is on hiatus this week. However that does not mean that we are content-free. As we did last year, and the year before, we asked a panel of independent finance bloggers a series of (hopefully) provocative questions. We hope you enjoy these posts as much as we do putting them together. Check out answers to our prior question on some great summer reads. Feel free to jump in the comments with your own answers to the questions.

Question: Who I am missing? Is there an blogger, analyst, Tweeter or fund manager that is undeservedly flying under the radar? (Answers in no particular order.)

David Merkel, Aleph Blog, @alephblog:  You might want to consider Financial Iceberg.

Bill Luby, VIX and More@VIXandMore: There was a time when I made a substantial effort to seek out new sources of information, analysis and perspective, but to be perfectly honest, this is something where Abnormal Returns and other now do much of the heavy lifting for me.  FWIW, in the volatility space, the two blogs I have recently added to my reading list are Volatility Analytics and Trading Volatility.

Josh Brown, The Reformed Broker, @reformedbroker: Jonathan Krinksy of Miller Tabak, Ari Wald at PrinceRidge, Ryan Detrick of Shaeffers, Derald Muniz of 1nvestor, Chris Kimble of Kimble Charting Solutions, Alex Tarhini of Eagle Bay Capital, Michael Batnick (my team),  Scott Krisiloff of Avondale, Enis Taner at Risk Reversal, Mariah Summers at Buzzfeed Business, Morgan Housel at The Motley Fool, Dave Wilson of Bloomberg’s Chart of the Day. All criminally underfollowed.

Brian Lund, bclund, @bclund: Been very impressed by the stuff Chris Kimble (@KimbleCharting) and Jon Boorman (@JBoorman) have been putting out on StockTwits.  Keeping an eye on Jani Ziedins and his Cracked Market blog.

Jeff Carter, Points and Figures, @pointsnfigures: Yra HarrisNotes from the Underground offers some good insight.

Robert Seawright, Above the Market, @rpseawright:  Two bloggers I admire greatly that I don’t think get enough “run” are Mark Buchanan and Wade Pfau. Based on my answer to #5, it’s clear that I think Mark is a  fine writer. He’s also a monthly columnist for Bloomberg View. I wish he’d blog more often. His focus is finance through the lens of physics (he’s a theoretical physicist).  Wade is a Princeton Ph.D., a CFA, and Professor of Retirement Income in the new Ph.D. program for Financial and Retirement Planning at The American College. He is also a “retirementor” at MarketWatch.  His stuff is the best there is on matters relating to retirement planning.

Tom Brakke, tjb research, @researchpuzzler: I think that Ashby Monk (@sovereignfund) is doing great work on the gap between what (institutional) asset owners need and what investment providers deliver, and provides regular updates on developments in the world of big money.


Thanks to everyone for their participation. Stay tuned tomorrow for our answers to the prior questions.

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