Saturday links: pawn brokerage

The weekend is a great time to catch up on some longer items that we passed up on during the week. Thanks for checking in.


How to trade like a pawn shop.  (Kirk Report)

Hedge funds are more about marketing than performance.  (WSJ)

“The Outlook for Equities” from Howard Marks.  (Oaktree Capital)

Inside the complicated structure that is Brookfield Asset Management ($BAM).  (Southern Investigative Research Foundation)

Asset allocation

On the difference between convex and concave asset allocation strategies.  (CSS Analytics)

Why the importance of rebalancing increases in today’s dynamic markets.  (Capital Spectator)

An interview with Craig Rowland author of The Permanent Portfolio: Harry Browne’s Long-Term Investment Strategy.  (Tradestreaming)


Real returns matter.  (Thornburg)

What risk premia are worth pursuing?  (Monevator)


Your ultimate guide to investment banking as a career.  (Epicurean Dealmaker)

Post-IPO debacle BATS is doing just fine.  (Businessweek)

How modern finance is being transformed into “cyborg finance.”  (SSRN via @researchpuzzler)

The evolution of social finance.  (Leigh Drogen)


It is time to re-imagine the airline industry.  (Jude Gomila via @thebrowser)

Twist ties vs. plastic clips: the high stakes battle.  (Businessweek)

Wouldn’t it be nice to do business on a hand shake?  (A VC)


Can anyone save Groupon ($GRPN)?  (The Verge via @longreads)

Netflix ($NFLX) and the golden age of the couch potato.  (Fortune also GigaOM)

Etiquette in the digital age is tricky.  (Bits)


Why Las Vegas should be more like Wall Street. An excerpt from Joe Peta’s Trading Bases: A Story About Wall Street, Gambling and Baseball.  (Bloomberg)

An excerpt from Douglas Rushkoff’s Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now.  (WSJ)

Three lessons on ambition from William Casey King author of Ambition: A History from Vice to Virtue.  (Speakeasy)

A talk with Francesa Gino author of Sidetracked: Why Our Decisions Get Derailed and How to Stick to the Plan.  (Simoleon Sense)


Universities continue to pile on faculty perks.  (Bloomberg)

Law schools are cutting admissions.  (WSJ)


Time to start thinking big: how about some billion dollar prizes to solve big, hairy problems?  (WSJ)

Who lives in the world’s most expensive residential building?  (Vanity Fair)


Managing stress: protecting your health.  (Harvard)

How income inequality affects life expectancy.  (WashingtonPost)


The Paleo diet is based on bad science.  (Slate)

Ron Rosenbaum, “Eating basic, earthy fatty foods can actually be good for you.”  (WSJ)

We are wasting billions on gluten-free goods.  (Time)


The planet is getting warmer, hence global investment opportunity in water.  (Businessweek)

Check out the story of Alaskan vodka made with ancient glacier water.  (Outside via @longreads)


Inside the world of a Chinese military hacker.  (LA Times, Quartz)

A profile of Jim Gaffigan the kind of ‘clean comedy.’  (WSJ)

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