Thursday 7atSeven: fiscal cliffhanging

Here are seven (or so) links at 7AM Eastern.  We will see you later with the daily linkfest.  Good luck out there.


Why you should take talk of an imminent recession with a big grain of salt.  (A Dash of Insight)

What’s your secret sauce?  (Pragmatic Capitalism)

Fiscal cliff

You are mistaken if you are looking to the markets for a clear forecast as to the resolution of the fiscal cliff.  (FT Alphaville)

The fiscal cliff is NOT a tail risk at this point.  (Sober Look)


Suddenly everyone is talking about ‘Peak Apple.’  (The Guardian, ValueWalk, Mashable)

On the orderly decline in Apple’s ($AAPL) stock to-date.  (chessNwine)

Is Apple stock cheap because it is getting a technology stock-discount?  (ValueWalk)

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