Wednesday links: two tail tales

This is an early and incomplete edition of the linkfest. Good luck out there.


A tale of two tails. (SurlyTrader)

Why you should talk to smart people.  (Ivanhoff Capital)

Can large vs. small caps help time the market?  (MarketSci Blog)

What investors will thrive in an era of rising interest rates?  (NetNet)


There seems to be some disagreement as to just how good a deal the new Tesla ($TSLA) leases are.   (Bloomberg, Quartz, Clusterstock)

Subprime auto loans are back.  (Reuters)

Apple ($AAPL) should buy Dropbox.  (Pando Daily)


The SEC will allow companies to use social media to disseminate news.  (SEC, WSJ, Term Sheet, Dealbook, MarketBeat)

Goldman Sachs ($GS) is jumping on the BDC bandwagon.  (NetNet)

Should activist-backed company directors be paid like performance fees?  (Dealbook)

VCs vs. Crowdfunding: a tale of the tape.  (Information Arbitrage)

Hedge funds

What happens when prime brokerage goes synthetic?  (Dealbreaker)

Half of hedge funds think their competitors are cheating.  (Deal Journal)

Carried interest is not a capital gain.  (WSJ)


The battle over ETF indices is heating up.  (IndexUniverse)

How the Barclays US Aggregate Bond Index came to be.  (WSJ)

Global X rolls out more frontier ETFs.  (IndexUniverse)


World-wide factory activity by country.  (Real Time Economics)

Are we too complacent about Canadian banks?  (Humble Student)

Is Abenomics anything more than a buzzword?  (Quartz)


Economic data continues to show underlying strength for the US economy.  (Daniel Gross)

ADP shows slower than expected jobs growth.  (Calculated Risk)

The home price “upwards jerk” continues.  (Modeled Behavior)

Mixed media

Seinfeld is a syndication gold mine.  (FT)

Has Bitcoin become a gold mine?  (FT Alphaville, Felix Salmon, Business Insider)

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