A whole host of items this Monday morning. We hope you enjoy the links.

Abnormal Returns has an entry in this week’s Carnival of the Capitalists .

Book Giveaway

If you have not already entered, you can read about our book giveaway here.

Hedge Funds

James Hamilton at Econbrowser on the perils of analyzing hedge fund returns. The challenge is trying to make sense of a fund’s returns without access to the fund’s strategy or holdings.

Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture on the “theoretically impossibleâ€? returns from a hedge fund that prompted the above post.

NakedShorts weighs in on Jim Rogers and Refco, and the impressive debut of the Rogers International Commodity Index TRAKRS.

Savings Glut

The Savings Glut meme continues unabated. Justin Lahart at the Wall Street Journal on investors calling for increased stock buybacks and dividends.

Peter Coy at Businessweek on the flood of private equity into the public markets.


Does the amount of sunshine really affect the stock market? There is some academic research to support the idea. You can see a forecast of the amount of sunshine in market centers here.

John Spence at Marketwatch.com on the what the introduction of two homebuilding ETFs means for the sector.

Leslie Wines at Marketwatch.com on the lack of research on small-cap stocks. Wall Street firms have cut back their coverage while independent firms have not picked up the slack.

Gareth Lyons at Morningstar.com on the sometimes overlooked Asian tiger, India, and how some fund managers are focusing their portfolios there.

We hope you have a happy and healthy Thanksgiving week.