Michael Kahn at Barrons.com notes a trend in the market. Offensive stocks, i.e. technology and cyclicals are outperforming defensive stocks, i.e. health care and consumer staples. This is usually indicative of a broadly rising market. For the moment, the bulls are in charge, however this ratio is rapidly approaching resistance.

Fitting this theme of offensive stocks is a technology ETF noted by Roger Nusbaum. At TheStreet.com has identified a technology ETF (MTK) that has carved out a unique niche.

Timothy Middleton at Moneycentral.com has four mutual fund bets for 2006. The underlying themes include funds that will benefit from: lower long term interest rates, alternative energy stocks, a continued rally in Japan, and good old fashioned stock picking.

Christine Benz at Morningstar.com with more “investment advice to ignore.â€? Always good to have your investment intuition challenged.

Although it is not the golden age of economic journalism, David Warsh at economicprincipals.com is able to identify four current economics writers who merit more attention. By and large we agree with his assessment(s).

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