It’s not too late to shop for your business book reader for the holidays.

Business Week lists the Best of 2005’s bunch of business books.

The Economist weighs in with a broader list of buyable books, including ones on economics and business.

There is no shortage of “best of” lists this time of year. Morningstar brings forth their finalists for Domestic Stock Manager of the Year. Who said there are no good mutual fund managers?

International equities have been all the rage this year. For those technically inclined Michael Kahn at examines a handful of international ETFs and likes what he sees, despite their strong run.

The bottom line here is that technical analysis confirms the sound fundamental reasons to hold a portion of one’s portfolio in overseas markets.

Since the U.S. dollar took a hit on Monday, breaking a rising trend line to the downside, some might even consider foreign stocks to be even better investments, although ETFs are traded in the U.S. and are priced in dollars.

Again, diversification comes in many forms, and it would serve investors well to at least investigate putting some portion of their portfolios in overseas markets, even after the super run many already have had this year.

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