Still catching up here. A few “bonus” items for your perusal.

One would think they had run out of “risks” for investors. This one at least has a happy side effect. The reports that,

Longevity risk – the paradoxical risk of living too long – is fast becoming the single greatest challenge for insurers and corporatepension schemes which promise to pay an income for an individual until death.

It took awhile, but MSCI EAFE futures are coming to a market (CME) near you. reports that the success of the EAFE exchange traded fund, had a role in leading to this complementary product.

CXO Advisory Group and a conscientous reader add some expanded seasonality data (and graphs) to the ongoing debate.

Daniel Gross reports on the plunging expectations for hedge fund returns.

For the technically inclined: Can you tell the difference between an actual stock chart and one randomly generated? Some academics are conducting a survey and need your help.

There should be a warning issued with every brokerage account: The use of blind pools is at your own risk!

Roger Nusbaum has been noodling on the many uses of the new Euro currency exchange traded fund (FXE).