Arun Raha, Kurt Karl and Lacy Hunt debate the implications of a flattening yield curve in a “Trading Shots” piece in the Wall Street Journal. With the potential for an inverted yield curve, the question as always is whether things are “different this time.”

Emma Trical at finds some hedge fund managers surprised by the fact that they need to have their investments locked up just like their investors to avoid SEC registration.

Dieter Owen Bardy at reports that PIMCO believes they can adapt in time to an adverse IRS ruling in regards to their commodity-based mutual fund.

Jim Jubak at MSN Money somehow finds a downside to higher dividends payouts. In a previous post we found evidence to the contrary.

Ryan Batchelor at does some math and finds the Dow Industrials to be 8% undervalued.

Tiger 21 reports how some really rich people are allocating their assets. They are currently holding more cash than normal and continue to hold a sizeable real estate allocation.

Chart of the Day looks ahead to the effect of the Presidential Election Cycle in 2006. Barry Ritholtz at the Big Picture with a nifty graph showing stock market performance around holidays.

Mark Whitehouse in the Wall Street Journal examines whether mortgage bonds and the mutual funds that invest in them will have a better year in 2006.

Timothy Middleton in MSN Money makes some adjustments to his ETF portfolio for 2006.

Controlled Greed reports on some changes coming to those of you who subscribe to the Wall Street Journal Online and Barron’s Online. Not surprisingly it means higher costs for you the reader.

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