Jonathan Clements in the Wall Street Journal warns investors that ETFs are not always the best choice for investors when compared to open-end index mutual funds. Small investors should be aware of the commissions involved and the expense ratios of comparable funds.

Matthew Goldstein at on the continuing fallout from the mutual fund, late trading scandal. It will be real news when any of these multi-million dollar fines reach the pockets of fund shareholders.

Andrew Feinberg at Kiplinger’s thinks Berkshire Hathaway (BRKa) “…is undervalued partly because it has too much cash on hand. Investing it wisely would almost automatically boost its stock price.”

Mark Hulbert at warns investors to view with skepticism the benchmark advisors used to advertise their performance.

macroblog notes that the probability of an interest rate hike by the Fed in January is geting pretty close to 100%, while the odds of a rate hike in March has eased.

John M. Berry at has found another hypothesis that explains the flat yield curve. Apparently the collapse in the volatility of inflation versus the volatility of real rates makes longer dated bonds more attractive.

Despite the reports of an avian flu outbreak in Turkey, Daniel Drezner notes some “good news about avian flu.”

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