Just a few items to clear up before the long, holiday weekend. We hope you enjoy a trade-free Monday.

Knowledge@Wharton has their own take on the inverted yield curve. The gist being since there are so many cross-currents at work no one can say with certainty what a flat or inverted yield curve means at this time.

Chart of the Day has a cool graph showing this stock market rally is relatively long in the tooth, but underwhelming in terms of returns-to-date. (It may have something to do with their use of the Dow as their index, but given the time periods used, it is understandable.

Mark Hulbert at Marketwatch.com has consulted the investment advisors and they remain bullish on stocks and surprisingly lukewarm on gold given its run up in price.

Chet Currier at Bloomberg.com likes the Joel Greenblatt book, “The Little Book That Beats the Market” but does not think many investors will be able to stick to the book’s discipline.

The Capital Spectator has a neat graph that tells us where we have been in terms of asset class returns, but notes the difficulty is knowing where we are going.

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