How about a handful of links to get your holiday-shortened week off to a good start?

John Spence at highlights some research from Buyside Research that takes a bottom-up approach to valuing domestic equity ETFs.

Mark Hulbert at notes the strong performance of the “January Effect” this year. Hulbert lays out a specific futures strategy used to take advantage of this seasonal regularity.

Anjali Cordeiro and Karen Talley in the Wall Street Journal looks at the potential for continued small cap outperformance.

Greg Greenberg at talks with a Vanguard executive on the past and future of their ETF business.

The Stalwart has a new post a new academic paper that takes a look at option pricing before the Black-Scholes pricing formula.

Emma Trincal at takes an in-depth look at the issues surrounding a just launched hedge fund of funds.

The news recently seems to be very tech-driven with both Google (GOOG) and Apple Computer (AAPL) dominating the news flow. Robert X. Cringley has a number of interesting technology predictions that focus on these two bellwethers.

With news from Iran driving oil prices today it is worth reading Daniel Drezner’s summary of the unsettling news out of that area.

The Real Returns has Week 5 of the Carnival of Investing up, including our post on “Confidence and concentrated funds.”

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