In honor of the movie award season, for your consideration…

Katherine Burton at reports on the sometimes upside-down world of hedge fund fees. The question is whether today’s egregious fees will sow the seeds of the industry’s contraction?

Sue Stevens at on how investors should look at asset location, i.e. how should assets be allocated among taxable and retirement accounts.

John Coumarianos at has read Joel Greenblatt’s celebrated book, and finds alot to like.

Jen Ryan in the Wall Street Journal reports on the new ETFs coming to market that track non-traditional assets.

Speaking of non-traditional assets, Deutsche Bank announced the launch of their DB Commodity Index Tracking Fund (DBC).

Roger Nusbaum in reviews some Europe-focused equity ETFs.

Steve Johnson at reports that kiwi-denominated uridashi issuance may be coming to a halt. This could have significant consequences on the value of the New Zealand dollar.

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