A handful of weekend links worth a look.

James Altucher at RealMoney.com thinks Barton Biggs’ new book, Hedgehogging, is the one book to read on investing in the new year.

InstitutionalInvestor.com reports on the easing of restrictions that would allow China-based hedge funds. Indeed one analyst is quoting that “it is just a matter of time” before a launch.

Ron Lieber in the Wall Street Journal on the pros and cons of index funds vs. ETFs in a retirement account.

breakingviews in the Wall Street Journal believes GE (GE) could do with some pruning. In addition they note a sour note in Steve Jobs’ history at Apple Computer (AAPL) where he missed an opportunity to increase his already significant wealth.

Jack Willoughby at Barron’s on the poor performance of the spate of option writing closed-end funds which were launched in the past two years.

Norm Alster at the New York Times catches up with a handful of high-profile investors to find out what they think about the market.

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