Welcome back to the work week. A few items for your perusal.

Powershares Capital Management has announced that it is being acquired by money manager, Amvescap PLC (AVZ). John Spence at Marketwatch.com reports on the deal. We are not sure what to make of this deal. Our fear is that will accelerate the trend towards ETFs based on niche, fashionable sectors. Only time will tell.

Speaking of ETFs, John Spence at Marketwatch.com (again) on how some advisors are using niche ETFs in 401(k) plans to round out the investment menu.

One are of the market that seems to be thriving in the new year are closed-end funds. Angela Pruitt at the Wall Street Journal reports that many funds have seen their discounts narrow as tax-related selling abated in the new year.

Mark Hulbert at Marketwatch.com note newsletter writers have not become particularly negative on the market despite Friday’s downdraft.

Jim Lowell in Forbes.com lists the top ten Fidelity Investment fund managers.

The Stalwart has some links to some nifty sites focused on the art of data visualization, i.e. charts.

Congratulations to the five blogs that have joined to form a personal finance oriented blog network, the Money Blog Network.

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