We hope you enjoy the real odd mix of items which make up our post today.

Greg Robb at Marketwatch.com on whether Bernanke can hold on to the enhanced regulatory powers for the Fed that Greenspan amassed during his tenure.

Christopher J. Traulsen at Morningstar.com on the five thing he wishes Fidelity would do in the new year – in short treat their investors better.

Jonathan Shazar at InstitutionalInvestor.com interviewed Bonnie Smith, co-portfolio manager at the Merger Fund (MERFX). An interesting fact came out of the piece:

For investors who consider “skin in the game” important, this could be the fund. We have our entire pension fund, for Fred and me and everyone else at Westchester Capital, invested in the fund,” Smith notes, “so we’re all in this together.”

Emma Trincal at TheStreet.com on whether hedge fund-like strategies will ever gain a real toehold in the mutual fund world.

The search for yield continues unabated, Joanna Chung at the FT.com reports that the yield on newly issued Iraq bonds came in much lower than some analysts expected.

Daniel Gross at Slate.com notes that Robert Iger may have hired his replacement, Steve Jobs, via the Pixar (PIXR) acquisition.

The Microcap Speculator writing at SeekingAlpha.com documents the decline of TheStreet.com on the decline in quality at the (once) pathbreaking TheStreet.com and how they do not “get” the blog phenomenon.

You know you have a hot stock market when teachers are skipping school to trade the market.

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