First day of the month, that must mean – new highlights and commentary from FundAlarm. has a number of interesting items including:

  • A reminder that a new commodity ETF will begin trading on Friday;
  • A new ETF that will track the aftermarket performance of IPOs; and
  • New short foreign equity funds from ProFunds.

The Capital Spectator asks the question: “Will the real economy please stand up?”

Maybe this time it is different. During this oil boom many Middle Eastern countries are taking a more constructive approach to their new found riches according to Jad Mouawad and Eduardo Porter in the New York Times.

David Leonhardt in the New York Times thinks the new Fed chairman should speak out more often (and more clearly) on the major economic issues of the day.

Mark Hulbert at has found some analysts who believe that the uncertainty surrounding the handoff between Fed chairmen provides an opportunity in the stock market.

Haywood Kelly at notes how investors should analyze the potential returns from individual stocks.

The author of “Essential Portfolio Theory” speaks.

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