We think it is interesting to read the thoughts of investors, most often global asset allocators, who scan the globe for investment opportunities. Sandra Ward in Barron’s interviews Jeremy Grantham on his current views. What does Grantham like? Cash and conservative hedge funds.

The Stalwart pointed out Barry Ritholtz’s take on Jim Cramer and the ‘Mad Money Madness’ that he has engendered.

It was recently reported that the assets in ETFs nearly exceeded $300 billion in 2005. Adding to that total is a first of its kind commodity ETF that is now trading on the AMEX. Is it going too far to compare the run in commodities to the technology boom of a few years ago? Conrad De Aenlle in the New York Times notes some who think that the run in commodity stocks has outpaced fundamentals.

Eleanor Laise and Rachel Emma Silverman in the Wall Street Journal examine more closely what hedge fund investors can glean from the ADV forms required by the SEC registration process.

Alistair Barr at Marketwatch.com notes the success of Jack Meyer, formerly of the Harvard University endowment, in raising funds for his new hedge fund venture.

Andrew Bary in Barron’s notes that individual investors can still get a piece of Carl Icahn’s investing expertise without anteing up the millions needed for his hedge fund. Instead they can buy shares in American Capital Partners (ACP) which is controlled by Icahn and is run like a hedge fund/private equity fund.

Daniel Drezner examines the question of whether Europeans really do have more leisure time than Americans?

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