You cannot turn on CNBC or apparently pick up a publication without coming across another piece on James Cramer. Now it is the New York Times‘ turn. David Carr notes the ubiquity of Cramer the rabid following he has amassed. The question is whether this presages a return to prominence of the business and financial media.

There are a number of quotes from friend and foe of Cramer. The (also) ubiquitous John Bogle weighs in with a nuanced take on Cramer:

John C. Bogle, the author and founder of Vanguard, likes Mr. Cramer personally but finds little value in his activist approach to investing — Mr. Cramer blurbed his last book even though their investing philosophies couldn’t be more different.

“What you are seeing when you watch that show is both a parlor game and real brilliance,” Mr. Bogle said. “But I think that when the final score is written, his return is very average, and below average when you factor in the costs of making the trades. We know that when you own the stock market and never trade, you will capture the market’s return. The more we trade, the greater the costs and the greater the loss. These are relentless truths that cannot be avoided.”

Writer at, Barry Ritholtz, took a skeptical look at the hoopla surrounding the Mad Money show. Talking Business News notes the New York Times piece and a couple others in the past couple of weeks that we had missed.