A recent piece in Marketwatch.com prompted a spike in traffic to this blog, thereby making it “sometimes read” as opposed to “rarely read.” We suspect the other bloogers mentioned in the piece also saw a jump in traffice. A number of bloggers took issue with the substance and tone of the article.

BlogginWallStreet viewed the piece as another example of the mainstream media looking down on an alternative medium.

Daily Dose of Optimism found the piece less than insightful and a review of the archives of the author found this piece not atypical.

Other members of the mainstream media are able to take a more constructive look at the role of blogs. The Economist has a piece that notes smart corporations are tracking blogs more closely and responding to potential issues (or complaints) more quickly. A good example cited is that of HackingNetFlix.com that examines the doings of the online DVD rental company. Worth a look.