Yet another batch of links for your perusal. Have a nice weekend.

CXO Advisory published a study on the usefulness of data derived from the commitment of traders reports. They found some value in the direction of commercial traders, but little statistical validity. Mark Hulbert at finds very much the same situation in his analysis.

Steve Johnson at reports on the turmoil in emerging market currencies set off by a drop in the Icelandic krona. It seems that the risk of contagion can start just about anywhere.

Bill Sjostrom at Truth on the Market looks favorably on the development of hybrid funds.

Mark Gongloff in the Wall Street Journal wonders if there are any opportunities left in utilities.

Tom Lauricella in the Wall Street Journal notes the growing trend of US stock funds loading up on international stocks.

Chet Currier at checks in with Dodge & Cox and notes they are finding opportunities in some of the formerly ‘growth’ areas of the market.

Stephanie Strom at the New York Times notes an interesting arrangement for Boone Pickens, his hedge fund, and a university related charity.

The Stalwart passes on rumors of a Google-based competitor to Yahoo! Finance.

BusinessWeek asks one of blogging’s leading lights what is in store for the blog?

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