Ever since we started writing about ethanol and the various issues surrounding the production of this alternative fuel we seem to be coming across more articles on the whole topic.

Marianne Levell at US News reports on the federal government’s historical record in funding research into alternative energy and fuels.

Donald L. Bartlett and James B. Steele at Time report on how an earlier push into synfuels has transformed itself into a budget-busting series of dubious tax credits.

Matt Marshall in the Mercury News notes how the interest in ethanol has reached Silicon Valley with some high profile firms looking to invest in the ethanol business. Indeed a technological push into cellusoic ethanol production could make it a much more attractive competitor to gasoline.

Garance Burke via the Mercury News notes how the Midwest as the center of corn cultivation is also on the front lines for ethanol production.

In addition, a short primer on how to generate ethanol.

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