Here is hoping you had a pleasant week and an even better weekend. Without further ado, some links:

Mark Hulbert in notes that it is difficult to beat the market no matter the route you take. Hedge funds seem to focus on stock picking, and newsletters seem to focus on market timing, but neither seem to be sure fire bets.

Barry Ritholtz at Big Picture gives some reasons for his short-term bullish stance which stands in stark contrast to his longer term bearishness.

Speaking of longer term bearishness, Mark Hulbert at discusses the state of a longer term market model that is pointing towards unimpressive returns over the next four years.

The silver ETF saga continues. Kevin Morrison at notes the buoyancy in silver prices due in part to the anticipated approval of a silver ETF. John Spence at covers the controversy.

With increasingly lengthy lockups for hedge funds, no one should be surprised that some one is looking to facilitate trading in hedge fund interests, hello Hedgebay.

Patrick McGheehan at the New York Times reports on the increasing acceptance of the OpenIPO process.

Alternative energy has been a hot topic of late, but a logical winner in all of this, nuclear power, has not gained much traction according to Matthew L. Wald and Heather Timmons at the New York Times.

We think a big story over the next decade, with far-ranging consequences, is the rise in microjets and the air taxi business they will spawn. Laura Meckler and Avery Johnson in the Wall Street Journal explore the implications.

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