The highlight of the weekend is the release of the Berkshire Hathaway (BRKa) annual report. What may be more interesting is how it was covered.

Jenny Anderson in the New York Times notes that despite their middling returns and the cessation of inflows hedge fund of funds are still sought after acquisition targets for larger financial services companies.

Also in the New York Times is a piece by Floyd Norris on the extent of the most recent housing boom in America. For more on housing check out the Sunday magazine which is focused on real estate.

We don’t understand it, but Keith J. Kelly in the New York Post reports that the bidding is hot for the Alan Greenspan memoir.

Ken Hoover in Investor’s Business Daily joins the crowd covering the rise of hybrid mutual funds.

Tim Harford in Slate wonders whether any reconstruction plan can ever restore New Orleans to its former glory.

Paul Kedrosky points to a Forbes piece that questions the health of the private equity boom.

The always interesting is providing free access this week (March 5-11) to its site.

Paul Kedrosky culls a couple of interesting lessons for entrepreneurs from the world of poker.

In a world of computerized voting, the idea of instant runoffs, seems like a no-brainer.

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