The Carnival of Investing is up, and Abnormal Returns has an item prominently placed.

We are still not convinced that the Greenspan book will be worth the price of admission, but DealBook has the book proposal.

Jen Ryan in the Wall Street Journal talks with investors as to how they scale out of hot markets.

Floyd Norris in the New York Times has a good roundup of the Berkshire Hathaway annual report.

Matthew Lynn at notes the parallels between the volatility in Iceland and other developed markets like the U.S.

The Telecom Stock Blog has a good roundup of thoughts on the AT&T-Bellsouth deal.

Gregg Greenberg at on the two skills an fund manager needs to manage a tax-friendly mutual fund.

John M. Berry at finds a Fed President who is not particularly worried about accelerating inflation.

The Energy Stock Blog highlights a user-friendly report on alternative energy investment opportunities.

If you have not been exposed to DealBook from the New York Times before, the launch of the DealBook blog is another chance to become acquainted. Paul Kedrosky applauds the launch as well.

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