The entire Dubai ports debacle brought into relief the issue of infrastructure funding in the United States. Indeed there is already a publicly traded vehicle that funds infrastructure projects, see the Macquarie Infrastructure Company (MIC).

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Carlyle Group is seeking to raise $1 billion U.S. focused infrastructure fund. DealBook also noted the already close political ties between Carlyle and various governmental entities.

The Peridot Capitalist throws some cold water over the hype surrounding the debut of the NYX Group (NYX).

Daniel Gross in chronicles the long slide of The Gap stores into middle aged decrepitude. wonders whether the recent spate of leveraged recapitalizations are just another way for controlling shareholders to cash out.

We really enjoy these overbought/oversold graphs from TickerSense.

Amanda Cantrell at rounds up the flat performance of hedge fund indices in February.

Dayan Candappa at notes the lack of volatility in the U.S. markets are pushing hedge funds overseas in search of better opportunities.

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