We hope your brackets were not busted this weekend. In any event, here are some items to distract you.

Russell Kinnel at Morningstar.com notes, not surprisingly, that combining expense ratios along with their traditional star ratings makes for better results.

Lauren Rae Silva at TheStreet.com reports on the payday many former seatholders at the NYSE will receive in an anticipated secondary offering of the NYX Group (NYX).

The Economist notes the “battle for managerial talent is under way” as private equity firms become more attractive employers for executives who wish to avoid the glare of publicity at publicly traded corporations. Speaking of private equity, Dealbook is covering the industry fastidiously with a couple of interesting posts here and here.

Emma Trincal at TheStreet.com reports on yet another high cost way firms are enticing investors into hedge funds.

Dealbook highlights a proposal that could extend shareholder democracy and shake up corporate boards.

Barry Ritholtz has an interesting post in his continuing series on the “magazine cover indicator.”

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