As is often the case with business news there is a first take on news, and then a second wave. This has proven true with the news that Google Finance has launched. We summarized the first wave, now we examine the second wave.

The Stalwart says the Google site has “potential”, but that is in large part because its main competition, Yahoo! Finance has become a “total mess.”

Karyn McCormack at notes some hits and misses at Google, but still prefers Yahoo!.

All in all, investors can get more robust information and personal finance tools for free on Yahoo! Finance, which is the best aggregator of financial news and is developing original content and columns. The offerings that may set Google Finance apart are the blog search and discussion group features, but these may not be enough to make it a must-use site for the finance crowd.

The Microcap Speculator over at The Small Cap Blog wonders if another online company, Edgar Online (EDGR) is at risk of becoming disintermediated by Google in the future. likes the fact that Google has integrated access to blog entries that mention a company.

After playing around with Google Finance a little bit we have to admit it is slowly growing on us. For what it is worth we have noticed traffic from the new Google site based upon a couple of posts which mentioned specific stocks. That aside it will be interesting to see what kind of traction they are able to generate with the investing masses.