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Much was made about the news last week that Microsoft (MSFT) is going to delay the release of their Windows software update, Vista, until 2007. Steve Lohr and John Markoff in the New York Times on how it is that Microsoft's ability to generate new programs has become so slow and sluggish. David Pogue on the other hand is more sanguine about the Vista delay, so long as the end product is worth the wait.

For the Buffetologists out there, Jonathan Burton at has some funds that appear to invest in a manner akin to the Wizard of Omaha.

Douglas McIntyre at Seeking Alpha has analysis of how it is that Morningstar (MORN) became a much more successful company that its predecessor, Value Line (VALU).

Steve Johnson at notes the evidence that Japanese investors are repatriating foreign investments thereby increasing the value of the Yen.

CXO Advisory continues their "summary and synthesis" series with an examination of the "size effect."

John Spence at reports on a raft of new exchange traded funds coming from ETF bigfoot, State Street Global Advisors. You can note our most recent thoughts on ETFs here.

The Sports Economist notes a piece that notes how Major League Baseball (MLB) became the masters of streaming video and audio.

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