Things have slowed down here at Abnormal Returns, but we were able to find enough items to fill our daily post.

We have been hitting the alternative energy theme pretty hard here. Now according to James R. Healey in the USA Today the U.S. is facing an ethanol shortage due to the discontinuation of MTBE.

The Economist reviews the changing regulatory environment hedge funds are facing, adding to the pressure from already intense competition.

David Callaway at examines a lower profile stock exchange stock that has joined the worlwide rall.

To the distress of Chicago Cubs fans around the world, the Tribune Co. (TRB) has no public plans to unload the team despite the poor performance of its stock. (via DealBook)

Alistair Barr at finds evidence that the technology industry is underleveraged relative to their debt capacity, thereby making LBOs a continuing possibility.

Bill Gross in his April Investment Outlook thinks "non-economic buyers" have changed the nature of the bond market.

The extended rise in small caps have lead a number of funds to close to new investors before they get too big according to Anjali Cordeiro in the Wall Street Journal.

Daniel Gross at thinks states are making a mistake, i.e. selling too low, in selling their toll roads to foreign investors.

Boone Pickens thinks you do not pay enough for gasoline. (via DealBreaker)

However he has enough to buy Oklahoma State University a new football stadium. (via WSJ)

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