The most recent Carnival of Investing is at Free Money Finance.

Under the Counter notes a talk by an SEC commissioner that notes the hedge fund registration push is "costly and ineffective."

Does the SEC have it out for the hedge fund industry? (via DealBook)

Are hedge funds a cash cow for the legal profession? (via DealBook)

Emma Trincal at discusses the state of distressed debt investing.

Venture capitalists are feeling the effects of a weak IPO market. (via DealBook)

The bar keeps getting raised for private equity fund launches. (via DealBook)

Absolutely No Doo Dahs has a look at what they believe has been a twenty year secular bull market.

John Hussman notes the outperformance of low-quality stocks and sees this is a "substantial concern."

Mark Hulbert at notes a significant rise in advisor optimism often leads to a market pullback.

Gregg Greenberg at discovers that T. Rowe Price (TROW) has no plans to introduce an ETF.

We are not sure how significant this is, but Market Participant notes that an ETF has switched to monthly distributions from quarterly ones.

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