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The so-called "conundrum" of seemingly low long term interest rates in light of the Fed's push to increase short-term rates seems to be disappearing. Mark Whitehouse and Serena Ng in the Wall Street Journal report on the reasons for the recent rise in long term rates and why they may not reverse in the forseeable future.

In their most recent update of Fed probabilities, macroblog shows that 5.00% and 5.25% are equally likely outcomes for the June meeting.

Berkshire Hathaway (BRKa) makes a big notional bet that the world's stock markets will not plunge over the next decade or so.

Chet Currier at uses the example of the Google (GOOG) addition to the S&P 500 as a case study for the problems with index construction.

As noted by us earlier, timberland continues to migrate into the hands of investors.

ClearFish Research examines the issues surrounding ethanol as a fuel. To read more about alternative energy you can check out some of our earlier posts on the subject.

Timothy Middleton at MSN Money thinks individual investors should steer clear of the forthcoming oil ETF.

Value Discipline examines the differing nature of short term trading and long term contrarianism.

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