We were unable to discern any great theme today, but we were able to track down a number of worthy item. Enjoy.

In light of our discussions on exchange consolidation we found this piece by Andrew Morse in the Wall Street Journal interesting. The Tokyo Stock Exchange is aggressively seeking out new listings from around the region.

DealBook notes another entrant into the venture capital business.

Jeff Matthews sees all manor of economic strength and inflationary pressures.

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator also notes a extended run in positive economic statistics.

Is the United States going to join the Euro-trend towards "de-equitization"?

Lawrence Carrel at SmartMoney.com examines the prospects for the oil market given the introduction of an oil-linked ETF.

Andrew Feinberg at Kiplinger's likes the Apple announcement and explains why market timing is a mug's game.

While we are skeptical that there is any great wave towards quant funds, Eleanor Laise examines the process behind some of the funds in the Wall Street Journal.

Mark Gilbert at Bloomberg.com read the Goldman Sachs (GS) annual report and sees the future of finance.

Controlled Greed notes a piece in the Wall Street Journal that breaks down the specifics of the Cerebrus-GMAC deal.

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