Edition #17 of the Carnival of Investing is up, including a post by Abnormal Returns.

Fund raising at private equity firms continues to roll along at an "unbelievable pace" according to LBO Wire.

Emma Trincal at TheStreet.com reports on the various private equity shops that are getting into the hedge fund business in a big way.

We have been following the exchange merger saga for some time now. Dealbook summarizes the purported merger offers that are bouncing around across the Atlantic. Dealbook also notes however that one major investor in the London Stock Exchange is not waiting around for an actual takeover offer.

Even before Boot Camp, one major financial institutition had already gotten on the Macintosh bandwagon.

We were going to summarize all the articles up on executive compensation, but Greg Newton at Naked Shorts did it first and better than we ever could.

We do not often link to anything by Bill Fleckenstein, but over at MSN Money he has an article up that is worth reading. The bottom line is beware of any company that attacks short-sellers.

John Spence at Marketwatch.com reviews the peformance of the three domestic microcap ETFs after six months of trading.

Speaking of ETFs, it will be interesting to see both how this proposed fund performs and whether it gains much market share.

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