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We have been discussing the potential for cross-Atlantic exchange mergers, but consider us surprised by this move by the Nasdaq (NDAQ) to purchase a significant stake in the LSE.

The cynic in us would take this as “bad” news, but according to Chris Giles at the the IMF is reporting:

Stability in financial markets is currently “as good as it getsâ€? with “sharply improved resilienceâ€? to sudden crises, particularly in emerging market economie

Mark Hulbert at thinks those who think earnings growth can “grow to the sky” are ignoring the historical record.

Paul Kedrosky at Infectious Greed does not think the rush of investment banking IPOs is a good sign for the market.

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator finds it odd that REITs are among the most volatile asset classes over the past few years.

Dan Culloton at reviews the valuation for various ETFs. While the broad market looks fairly valued some ETFs like REITs look overvalued, while large cap domestic stock ETFs looked undervalued.

Michael Kahn at sees some significant technical damage in the REIT sector.

Justin Lahart in the Wall Street Journal reviews the evidence for higher gasoline prices this summer.

Terence Chea at the USA Today checks in with noted venture capitalist John Doerr and his plan to invest in “green technology.”

According to Standard & Poor’s hedge funds had a good March and successful first quarter.

Timothy Middleton at MSN Money makes a distinction between the results from the Value Line (VALU) newsletter and their funds.

Doug Kass at recounts his “tenets of investing.”

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