We always knew the Economist has good taste in article titles.

Bobby Bartlett at Truth on the Market notes the growing talk about regulating private equity is early, but fears a replay of the ineffectual hedge fund regulation recently pushed through the SEC.

Dealbook notes the IMF is concerned about rising debt levels at private equity related firms.

breakingviews thinks the game is on at the LSE given the Nasdaq’s purchase of a significant stake, but the outcome is not entirely clear.

Barry Ritholtz warns that it is probably too early to write off the effect of an inverted yield curve.

Economist’s View highlights some comments by Alan Greenspan in which calls for lower asset prices due in part to a reversal of abnormally low real yields.

Dealbook notes more examples of positive results for hedge fund indices for the first quarter.

Andrew Feinberg at Kiplinger’s ably describes the “sunk cost fallacy” and how it applies to real life and to investments.

According to the Economist it often seems that in the United States truth is stranger than fiction.

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