The same themes seem to be repeating themselves of late. Today's edition of our linkfest includes a number of items which are follow-ups to previous posts. Enjoy.

Thomas Kostigen at wonders whether gold holders should not be looking to take some profits. (Gold supply and demand)

Lawrence Carrel at examines the underlying dynamics of the new oil ETF. (Oil supplies and the USO)

Daniel Gross notes two (more) cases of executive greed: retirement & health care. (Executive waste)

Scott Kilman at the Wall Street Journal reports on the specultive rush into ethanol including some forthcoming IPOs. (Ethanol stocks)

Steve Gelsi at notes the new "IPO" ETF is trading. Greg Newton at NakedShorts takes a close look at the First Trust IPOX-100 (FPX) and throws up his hands in frustration. (Niche ETF explosion)

Dealbook notes yet another huge hedge fund launch, this time from the Man Group.

Roddy Boyd at the New York Post notes a move by Morgan Stanley (MS) to beef up its proprietary trading is raising some eyebrows.

Anna Fifield at the reports on an Alan Greenspan speech in which he notes the problems Sarbanes-Oxley has caused for foreign firms interested in listing in the U.S.

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