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Ticker Sense reports that historically the week after tax deadline day has been quite favorable to the equity markets.

Greg Newton at NakedShorts points out some hypocrisy at Vanguard with many portfolio managers holding no stake in the funds they manage.

Jim Callahan at Morningstar.com updates the free advice available from all-star fund managers. Most valuable are the links to various shareholder letters from some excellent fund managers. The managers by and large do not see much value in energy, but are finding some bargains in the media sector and the mega-caps.

The Stalwart notes that one money manager takes an "operational approach" to besting market indices.

Speaking of market indices, Matthew Hougan at IndexUniverse.com on why investors should take a skeptical look at the Russell 2000 index. The so-called "small cap paradox" disappears once one substitutes other small cap indices for the flawed Russell 2000.

The FT.com reports on the challenge that hedge fund of funds face from multi-strategy hedge funds.

Emma Trincal at TheStreet.com summarizes the performance of hedge funds in the first quarter, and a sector that is attracting hedge fund investments.

John Wasik at Bloomberg.com points out the reasons why the government may want to keep a lid on the official CPI numbers. Unfortunately his recommendation of TIPs do not solve the issue for investors.

One reason why inflation remains a problem is because of gasoline prices. Econbrowser reports on the patchwork of fuel standards that increase complexity and prices for end users.

Juliet Eilperin at Slate.com reports on a novel system that could help create more competitive House districts.

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