We previously commented on the market's recent fireworks. This post includes some other items that also came to light.

With May fast approaching, for those who follow the market dictum "Sell in May and go away," are in need of a place to put those funds. Mark Hulbert at Marketwatch.com reviews the (pretty good) returns to a strategy that shifts into bonds during the summer months.

In light of our discussion of publicly traded private equity, Bobby Barlett at Truth on the Market examines the question of whether Sarbanes-Oxley is accelerating the trend towards going-private transactions.

With all the talk about exchange mergers, Dealbook notes the news that the LSE is planning on making a sizeable cash distribution to its shareholders.

Part of what is driving exchange consolidation is the risk of competition from upstart exchanges. The Wall Street Journal reports that the International Securities Exchange (ISE) is adding equity executions to their previously equity option offerings.

David Pauly at Bloomberg.com is fearful that individual investors are going to get by jumping onto the commodities bandwagon.

Bill Gates investment vehicle Cascade Investment has finalized an investment in Pacific Ethanol (PEIX) according to Michael Kanellos at CNET News.

The Daily Options Report notes one reason why UnitedHealth (UNH) is not getting any play from their "massive" stock buybacks.

Speaking of scandal, Andrew Feinberg at Kiplinger's explores what questions an investor should ask when scandal looms over one of their holdings.

If you are interested in informative items on executive compensation skulduggery then a visit to Footnoted.org is worth a visit.

Speaking of questionable management, CALPERS has released a report citing the six companies in their vast portfolio that demonstrate poor financial performance and corporate governance. (via Dealbook)

CXO Advisory elucidates the difficulty forecasters have in trying to predict economic and financial outcomes. In short, blindly following some guru is a "sucker's game."

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