We have a busy week here on the site including posts about two hot sectors, private equity and emerging market equities. This version of the linkfest includes a couple of items on another craze, commodities.

Businessweek.com presents some views that call into question the benefits of passive commodity investments including their correlation with unexpected inflation and the instability of "roll returns."

Barry Ritholtz reviews the historical record and thinks higher commodity prices, including gasoline, will not matter – until they do.

Pat Dorsey at Morningstar.com pounds the table for quality stocks (and bonds).

NakedShorts notes fallout from the Bayou hedge fund collapse continues apace. More here.

Under the Counter highlights some research that calls into question some hedge fund pricing practices.

A trio of writers in the Wall Street Journal explore the challenges involved for Goldman Sachs (GS) in trying to maintain their role as corporate advisor while growing their own private equity arm.

Zachery Kouwe in the New York Post reports that Bain Capital has garnered $10 billion in commitments for a new buyout fund.

According to a report in The Times (of London) the London Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange (NYX) may be exploring a global trading alliance as opposed to a merger.

Liz Moyer at Forbes.com reports the International Securities Exchange (ISE) decision to move into equity trading could be a prelude to a combination with another exchange.

Bill Sjostrom at Truth on the Market explores the issues surrounding the question – will option backdating become the next big corporate scandal?

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