Gas prices are clearly at the top of the news today, but we were able to find a number of other items worth note.

A story by Heather Timmons and Andrew E. Kramer in the New York Times about a prominent investor in the Russian stock market who is "no longer welcome in the country" should give believers in the BRIC theme pause.

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator wonders whether the "clock is ticking for emerging market stocks?" You can read an earlier post on the related topic of emerging market sentiment.

macroblog documents a rebound in sentiment for a 5.25% Fed funds rate at the June meeting.

Ticker Sense has updated their cool ETF overbought/oversold graphs.

Maybe this VIX thing is of some value after all. CXO Advisory reviews an academic paper on the topic of the VIX and future stock market returns.

SEC Chairman Christopher Cox weighs in on exchange mergers, regulatory arbitrage, and other topics. (via DealBook)

The Nasdaq Stock Market (NDAQ) is going to come to market with a secondary offering to reduce debt taken on to fund its "global ambitions." (via DealBook)

Under the Counter wonders whether hedge funds are the "dumb money" in their forays into venture capital.

Going Private wonders whether hedge funds have the monitoring skills necessary to succeed in the area of venture capital/private equity.

Nicholas Carr at Rough Type explores one way Google (GOOG) profits off of their vast army of AdSense publishers. (via

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