We have a number of posts that focus on the implication of fund flows on the price of various assets.

The Stalwart has an insightful post on the potential imbalance between the nature of current fund flows and the emerging markets. You can read our most recent take on emerging market sentiment here.

Kate Kelly in the Wall Street Journal reports on the move of hedge funds into the movie financing business.

Jad Mouawad and Heather Timmons in the New York Times reports on the trading frenzy in the oil markets and the introduction of new traders into the market.

Mark Thoma at Economist's View reviews a research report on the link between oil supplies and the (lack) of economic freedom in oil producing countries.

J. Alex Tarquino in the New York Times explores the diversification benefits of foreign currency mutual funds, i.e. those that focus on short duration assets.

Eleanor Laise in the Wall Street Journal explores the ETF ranking services that have arisen to cover the burgeoning field of ETFs.

DealBook notes the heightened scrutiny facing Goldman Sachs (GS) and their seeming ubiquity in many facets of finance.

Ticker Sense has a graphic that shows one anomalous statistic from this economic recovery.

Adam Warner at Daily Options Report points out another example of the media fundamentally mischaracterizing the nature of the "buy-write."

Seeking Alpha has a handy one page summary of this week's Barron's.

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