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Christopher Palmieri and Aaron Pressman at note the potential for an ethanol glut if current production plans play out. They emphasize that ethanol advocates need to realize that this is not a one-way bet, because of the cyclical nature of both corn and gasoline prices.

Jim Jubak at MSN Money tracks down three stocks that are a better bet than the first wave of ethanol pure plays.

Lawrence Carrel at looks at the impact of the silver ETF and finds evidence of speculation.

Market Participant at the ETF Investor has some more bad news for silver bulls – Robert Kiyosaki is on board!

Greg Newton at NakedShorts expands on the problem of "hard-to-borrow" ETFs for individual investors.

Another stealth compensation scandal, "dividends on phantom stock" via Scott Thurm at the Wall Street Journal.

This scandal is probably not all that surprising to David Pauly at who notes the problem of fellow CEOs sitting on compensation committees.

We tend to believe that municipal bonds are an underreported subject. Jonthan Burton at reports on the "dwindling new supply of traditional muni bonds."

Heather Timmons at the New York Times notes the conflicting views on the KKR public offering.

Some evidence that hot hands do persist among hedge fund managers. (via SSRN)

Thom Lambert at Truth on the Market has an interesting, but off-the-wall, idea for how the country should face the question of drilling in ANWR.

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