We have been harping on the increasing complexity of the ETF world for quite some time now. Maybe some one is listening.

Marc Hogan at BusinessWeek.com looks at the many trends in ETFs that all point toward specialization, leverage and active management.

Speaking of specialized ETFs, John Spence in the Wall Street Journal reports on the forthcoming gold mining ETF. Bill Cara is worried about the fund, but will still trade the new ETF.

Not surprisingly the KKR public offering in Amsterdam has attracted the attention of two of their biggest rivals. (via DealBook)

James Hamilton at Econbrowser wonders whether the demand smother effects of higher prices haven't stopped oil prices from rising further.

AutoblogGreen looks at the prospects for hybrids, hydrogen and methanol.

DealBook looks at the cross-currents facing investment banks and their relationship with activist hedge funds.

Andrew Bary at Barron's looks at the growing prospects for further toll road privatizations in the United States. Cash-strapped states have been surprised by how much their toll road systems are worth to a third party buyer.

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report is not surprised to find research supporting the notion of option pinning.

Gregg Greenberg at TheStreet.com looks at the April sell-off for closed-end funds including some analyst recommendations.

Institutional Investor notes an IPO boom for Latin American companies, but not for their ADRs.

The Wall Street Journal has collected some of the best quips and observations from Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger from the Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder meeting.

Controlled Greed takes some comfort in Warren Buffett's attraction to overseas investments.

Skip Sauer at the Sports Economist looks at the extraordinary performance of Barbaro in the Kentucky Derby.

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