For our readers who read, and hopefully enjoyed, our piece on "proxy investing" we have a minor update. At that time we did not have a link to the Fortune magazine article on Sotheby's (BID). Now we do – you can read the entire article here.

At a certain point growing fund size begins to affect a manager's ability to skillfully manage their fund. Timothy Middleton at MSN Money takes a look at some huge mutual funds that have recently underperformed and identifies some keepers.

macroblog looks at the volatility in the market's expectations for further Fed hikes.

Ticker Sense examines how the stock market reacts on Fed days, and finds less volatility than one would expect.

DealBook notes the risks private equity firms face from rising interest rates in the U.S. and Europe, i.e. crimped cash flow and falling valuations.

Market Participant at Seeking Alpha views Annaly Mortgage (NLY) as a beneficiary of a steepening yield curve.

Mark Hulbert at looks at the "regression to mean" affecting Berkshire Hathaway's relative outperformance.

Controlled Greed doesn't think Buffett and Munger have lost it despite reports to the contrary.

Most mergers don't garner much positive press. DealBook summarizes the positive reviews of the Thermo Electron-Fisher Scientific transaction.

U.S. News summarizes a study that looks at the reason why traditional IPO underwritings prevail in the face of competition from auction type deals.

Jim Jubak at MSN Money joins the growing bandwagon for a gasoline tax hike.

The Freakonomics guys look at the role luck plays in many fields including sports and business.

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