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The Lex column at FT.com looks at the myriad of fees investors pay to link up with a typical private equity fund.

We are not fans of Bill Fleckenstein’s persistent negativity, but in his columnn at MSN Money he makes an important point.

People must understand whether what they’re involved in is speculating or investing (regardless of asset class), as the techniques and mindsets required are different.

Speaking of private equity our friends over at Going Private beat us to the punch in highlighting a couple of posts over at the Becker-Posner blog on the question of whether CEOs are overpaid.

DealBook looks at the phenomenon of hedge funds pushing for companies to increase their share buybacks.

The Stalwart notes we should not be surprised that higher oil prices dampen demand.

Agile Investing via the US Market Blog charts the earnings yield for the S&P 500 versus the yield on the 10 year Treasury.

Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report has some “deep thoughts” on coffee consumption and the current commodities boom.

Nat Worden at TheStreet.com notes the growing popularity of value investing and their spokesmen.

Although we are quite excited about its prospects of a new forex-based ETF, Market Participant at ETF Investor is more skeptical. They correctly point out the structure of the fund and its strategy and note the potential volatility. That said we would still recommend investors take a look for themselves.

DealBook notes a report on the rise in “boutique” venture capital firms that plan on managing less than $100 million in assets.

If you are having a bad day then take comfort that your poll ratings are not tracking those of Richard Nixon. (via This Modern World)

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