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Lynn Cowan in the Wall Street Journal notes the (long awaited) surge in IPO filings.

Although the overall IPO market seems to be going gangbusters, The Stalwart note some ominous trends for the Vonage Holdings (VG) offering.

Apparently the "historical inevitability" of public private equity offerings is closer than we think.  (via DealBook)

In light of our earlier comments on "regulatory arbitrage" we are not surprised by the purported talks between the NYSE and Euronext. (via DealBook)

Eddy Elfenbein at Crossing Wall Street highlights the marked divergence between long term treasuries and the equity market of late. Eddy also notes another warning sign – political meddling in currency values.

Randall W. Forsyth at Barron's brings you today's analogy of the current market to 1987.

In contrast, Gregg Wolper at Morningstar.com has found a handful of global equity fund managers who are now seeing better opportunities in the U.S. market as opposed to overseas.

macroblog demonstrates a near 60% probability of the Fed pausing at the June meeting.

FinanceProfessor.com highlights the launch of the Bogle Blog.

Also on the found blog front, Greg Mankiw, former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers, and now professor of Economics at Harvard has an active blog up including a post comparing the role of macroeconomist to both scientist and engineer.

Going Private notes how one fund was left holding the bag for the real Poseidon debacle.

Alan Schwartz in the New York Times documents the ongoing fight over performance statistics – in Major League Baseball.

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