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Adam Warner at the Daily Options Report notes the reappearance of volatility in light of the market's distaste for unexpected inflation.

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator looks at how the CPI report is changing expectations in the bond and fed fund markets.

In light of this market move, it will be interesting to see what effect it has on the IPO market. Aaron Pressman at looks at three deals that need to do well for the IPO boom to continue.

Jenny Anderson in the New York Times looks at whether the drive for exchange mergers is in the best interest of the exchanges themselves and the public they serve.

Jesse Eisinger in the Wall Street Journal weighs in on the dearth of "gradualism" and the large role housing plays in today's economy.

DealBook looks at how Nasdaq's borrowing binge to purchase a sizable stake in the London Stock Exchange has hurt its credit rating.

Ben Bernanke says nothing particularly interesting about hedge funds. (via WSJ)

CXO Advisory Group has another of their summary and synthesis pieces on the equity risk premium.

Draw your own conclusions, but executives at Pacific Ethanol (PEIX) have unloaded some serious stock. (via WSJ) points to an interesting piece on the ancient origins of some of our financial instruments.

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