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James Hamilton at Econbrowser chronicles the difficult decision the Fed has in light of higher inflation and weaker economic growth.

Caroline Baum at Bloomberg.com on the difficult choices facing the Fed.

Bernanke's dilemma, in simplest form, is choosing between doing what he thinks is right for the real economy (pausing at the June meeting) and addressing rising inflation expectations in financial markets, driven as they are by the most recent data release (raising rates again).

James Picerno at the Capital Spectator notes this will be a long month as we sift through incoming economic data prior to the Fed meeting in June.

macroblog has a good collection of reactions to the CPI number.

Randall W. Forsyth in Barron's examines the hypothesis that a meaningful reduction in housing could induce a reduction in the global imbalances facing the economy.

Landon Thomas Jr. in the New York Times looks at the interest in "exotic stocks" as an indicator of overheated emerging market stocks.

Controlled Greed notes a piece in the Wall Street Journal that indicates more public offerings of private equity stakes are in all likelihood coming to market sooner rather than later.

Speaking of IPOs, Anuj Gangahar at the FT.com looks at the slate of IPOs slated to come to market.

Ticker Sense puts into perspective the recent spate of IPO filings.

Going Private looks at how some analysts confuse the paying down of debt (with IPO proceeds) as an increase in "earnings power."

According to Tyler Cowen in the New York Times, by one measure – executive compensation as a percentage market capitalization, executive pay has not increased markedly in the past few years.

Crossing Wall Street looks at the orphan stock phenomenon and one stock in particular. Eddy Elfenbein also documents how placid the stock market has been since 2002.

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